Thursday, August 26, 2010


This home is SOLD but if you are interested in learning more about Raleigh real estate or local custom homes please don't hesitate to contact Zach Schabot at 919.796.5891.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Holly Springs Farmers Market

GET FRESH! BUY LOCAL! The nearby Holly Springs Farmers Market is now open for the season! Don't miss Suzy the Strawberry on May 15th from 9-11am!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why this house?

Here is a quick glimpse into the mind of the homeowner....

"When we choose a house to renovate we always select a home that has great presence and structure, but needs a major makeover! This house was an excellent candidate! This is the first house we have not lived in while being renovated so it was a clean palette to work with. All of the hardware and lighting, all the way down to the door hinges, were changed out to oil-rubbed bronze. The interior paint colors were selected to brighten and compliment the new hardware. The exterior colors are updated and we felt like the dark gutters gave it a very high-end look. The downspouts against the neutral colors and aged bronze of the bay window just looks so sharp. We love buying homes and fixing them up for other people to enjoy. Especially when they turn out as nice as this one. We really believe it will be a great home for someone."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Oak Hall?

"What do i love about Oak Hall?? i love that it is a small community in the town we absolutely love, Holly Springs. Everyone cares for each other and every house seems like a home, regardless if it is the smallest house or the biggest house. The park is the perfect refuge for the afternoon hours before dinner. And we loved the pool- what a great place to meet new friends and create memories of watching your kids learn how to swim. Everything we could have hoped for in our first home we found in Oak Hall! We moved out of the neighborhood last year because we out grew our house but we still keep in touch with all of our friends who still live in the neighborhood. We feel very lucky to have lived there." -Maureen and Baron F.

Hot Dang!

"We bought our home in Oak Hall last year and we love living in Holly Springs! Oak Hall was definitely the best choice for us. Brittany and I always talk about how happy we are out here. The neighborhood always has something going on like picnics, chili cook offs, yard sales and other social events throughout the year. We love it here and would not choose anywhere else to call home." -Neighbors James and Brittany L.

**It is important to note this gentleman is not the one who wrote this quote, and probably does not live in Oak Hall. But what a great picture to make you think about the chili cook-offs that DO happen in the neighborhood.**

The Longest Yard

One of the things you will notice when you visit this home is the shape of the backyard. The yard is very wide but not very deep. It has plenty of room for pets or kids or entertaining family and friends. The best thing that could happen is a creative person gets a hold of it and works some magic. It has the potential to be so cool. It is shaded by large trees so summertime BBQ's will be extra enjoyable. Enjoy!